Save Our Jamaica Foundation                             Tomorrow's Jamaica Today
Save Our Jamaica Foundation works to support island-wide efforts of existing organizations, both domestic and international, to provide direct benefit to our country and its people.  Our belief is that Jamaica, despite its rich culture and history, has been primarily throttled by socio-economic pressures, and the debilitating effect of brain drain that inhibited the prosperity of the island. We are viewed internationally as being inhabitants of a beautiful Caribbean destination, with numerous resources that unfortunately are underdeveloped due to our own infrastructural and municipal inadequacies, and inequitable societal differences.  However, we have active, copious global investors who are capitalizing from our land, our beaches, our music, and other less apparent but profitable resources. Save Our Jamaica Foundation is a movement to reengage communities and businesses in conversations about the bright prospects that still exist in Jamaica despite the wavering outlook, and to educate the local community and its expatriates on collective projects that work to restore the island and our cultural-global voice.

Raxann Chin, Founder of Save Our Jamaica Foundation, brings years of philanthropic and corporate experience in advancing brand Jamaica to its rightful position on the global stage. The foundation serves as a strategic partner and conduit. The primary objective is to support both established and newly-developed organizations identified as impacting the major social issues in the areas of Education, Crime and Violence, Unemployment, Health Care and the Environment by providing macro-strategic consulting, promoting, marketing and fundraising assistance.
Out Of Many One People…
Fundraising is what organizations need to do their work effectively. The Save Our Jamaica Foundation with the Save Our Jamaica Benefit Concert will produce an annual event fueled by our local entertainment industry.  Through the visibility of this event, we aim to raise awareness of our culture, and areas within it that are underrepresented, and to invite local community and corporate industries in economizing the development of programs to educate, train, and empower children, our people.